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Cat Convo's

"Lemme tell you what man, these guys music is a psychedelic kick to your cat balls!" 

"Hmm...I dont know I feel about that." said Gray Cat.

"Meow Man! I mean it in a good way! Its pure sonic, psychedelic bliss done so gracefully by those talented Aussies, Tame Impala." Orange Cat exclaimed, slightly spitting on Gray Cat's face.

"Well, my human Margaret doesn't really listen to that kind of stuff anymore...not since she's got a new Bae."

"Bae?" Orange Cat asked, head cocked 90 degrees.

"Yeah, that's what she calls all of her new male friends... since he's been around, all shes  been listening to is uh...Ubbsteh,youngstep.."


"Yeah! Dubstep!"

"Gross..." Orange cat let out.

"I know. Not only that, they sit glued to Netflix, gorge on take out, and I always hear her choking with her head in his lap."

"Bummer man, she sounds like she's filling her life with packing peanuts and fruit cake."

"Packing peanuts and fruit cake?", Gray Cat inquired.

Orange cat started, suddenly adopting a far away look in his eyes as if the words were funneling in from somewhere distant.

"You see we need each other. Like the sky needs the stars and Lady Linda down the street needs her 9 cats, we follow the same rules of bonding and breaking, uniting and separating... It's fated to keep the show running. But sometimes..."

Orange cat paused to lick his little orange paw.

"Sometimes, people just don't know how to be by themselves or handle change, so instead of moving on with their life, they box themselves in their rut, fill it with distractions and avoid the issue and let it sit on the fruit cake."

"Packing Peanuts and Fruit Cake..." Gray cat curiously meowed.

"Right, they limbo in limbo and hold silly habits that they shouldve discarded long ago." finished Orange Cat.

"So what you're saying is Human Margaret's in a rut?" Gray Cat inquisitively asked.

"Yeah," said Orange cat.

"Either that or Human Margaret's a huge slut."

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